Every girl’s fantasy..simple life hacks


I’ll tell you what soothes my soul especially after a tough day, a pair of great shoes. Every little inch of a great sexy pair. You know what else soothes my soul when life just sucks and i want to just bawl and cause drama…you guessed it, a beautiful wonderful pair of shoes…and you want me to share my secret of a positive attitude even when smiling is so tough it makes your face look weird…yeap everyone has those moments..gotta be wearing a damn awesome pair on my feet. Of course in some of those instances you’ve gotta lean on a higher power, i’m a very spiritual girl but i bet you get my drift. It’s every girl’s fantasy to own loads and loads of awesome shoes, to match our handbags, to match our outfits…to match our moods! I’ll also tell you that most men in our lives really don’t get this need of ours so somehow this article could be just for us girls. Solidarity forever 🙂

Well love of shoes is just a way to show that life has very many lovable attributes. Some shoes are open, some are pointy, others are sleek, others are very high, think about it, a pair for every mood. So is life, we are required to be open minded, we are required to have fun, to be really pointy in our opinion or stands against different currents in life, we are required to be high like a six inch shoe and hold our esteem high, we are also required to be low and thoughtful and a comfort to others.

If a lady can embrace life in it’s entirety like we embrace our shoes, taking care of them to avoid wear and tear until when totally unavoidable, mending them when they tear, keeping them looking sharp, then we know how to embrace life.

So live life to the fullest by replenishing often – reading, learning to live life whilst having fun in the little things you enjoy, learning to hold your head high even when tides are rough, learning to be thoughtful of others – then you have learned life’s simple hacks.




Fool proof way to keep fit over the holidays…


It is the end of the year, again! What a joy to behold! Well not so much if you are struggling to maintain weight during the festive season. Here are three points to help you keep watch of what you are putting in your mouth during this merry time. This will ultimately help avoid breaking the weight scale by the time you are writing down resolutions.

  • Drink water aplenty

There are numerous benefits to drinking plenty of water, from detoxifying to keeping your skin supple, some people swear their lives on it. Water flushes down by-products of fat breakdown and has absolutely no calories. What however it does when taken before meals, is reduce hunger and act as a very effective appetite suppressant. By the time you get to have your meals, you are not as hungry and therefore stick to your normal portions. There are varieties of awesome foods and cuisines everywhere during the holidays but this good old technique will ensure you maintain your portions and voila.. your weight shal be maintained.

  • Sugar cut backs

There is no way around this, no shortcut whatsoever, cut back or completely do away with carbonated beverages, candy and that sweet oh delicious ice cream. It is highly advised to substitute the drinks with freshly blended juices, candy is an absolute no no, and a quick substitute for ice cream can easily be a health smoothie, just as easily blended right at home. These are simple ways and sticking to cutting back on sugar will help a great deal in maintaining your weight goals.

  • Exercise

Considering you’ve kept to an exercise regimen all year through, there is no point stopping or “pausing” just because it is that time of the year. If anything, that’s a bit reckless. Granted that could also be a thrill, but a weight watch is for committed people, get committed. Try to get your family in jogs, squats, zumba or any such thrilling exercises along with you. It will be undeniable fun whilst keeping you fit. One can never go wrong with exercise.

While these three points are the basic weight loss techniques highly advocated by weight loss gurus, there are many more out there, however these three absolutely work and are absolutely worth it. So, during this holiday season, don’t allow the “treats” around you sneak past your waist and you find yourself including weight loss yet again in your resolutions.

Of live-in relatives and their interesting ways

So i have been at the helm of insanity severally due to live-in relatives and their weirdly interesting ways. First they ask for accomodation as they look for a job or a house,  we all know getting fair priced cribs is a huge task,right? Either some of the reasons are genuine or there’s a high chance i could be as gullible as a rabbit. 

The live-in

Eventually a few days turn into months and months into years.  There has been a few instances this live-in ends up bringing in the midst yet another sister or brother. Now now,  lets understand that this has not been communicated to me, the host,nope,  nor is there any assistance given in the running of the home. No extra assistance in food purchase,  in running of the home,  in chores…nope, not a thing. Yet their lifestyles seem to go on pretty well, whatever monies they would otherwise be using for food and the like are now for fresh looks, keeping up with trends whilst whatever little savings i would otherwise be amassing or keeping up with the trends myself is fully spent to feed and house my wonderful live-in relatives. All the while cleaning up after them,hiring nannies to keep up with the house chores. I wonder if i’m nuts, gently telling myself im only being human or i’m being thoroughly used inappropriately. 

The way forward

I’m sure a few of you reading this are undergoing this predicament wondering how to go about it, and at the same time trying to keep away the resentment that’s eating your insides alive. To me it’s really simple,  kick them out! You dont owe anybody explanations or live-in rights. Give an ultimatum,  have them move out and start rebuilding your life afresh.  Allow yourself the luxury of thinking about you,  yourself and yours. It’s about damn time dont you think. Lets free ourselves from this slavery of people pleasing and own our homes again! 

That’s how Nyambura sees it and calls it! 

Crumbs of Cake

This is a fantastic real honest story on birthdays


It’s my birthday today and all my interior body antennas are busy checking the wavelengths of who-knows-am-getting-old. The eyes are sharp and ears are over working not to miss any whisper, or any other mouth movement trying to wish me a happy birthday or even worse, a song. My senses are at high alert because any of that singing and good wishes,genuine or not, will be met by a stare enough to make you wither or keep your mouth shut forever.


You see, some years ago,i used to love those songs and i would even remind everyone around me of my special day. I would hold parties from birthday eve all the way to the birthday itself. Anyone including those i never knew would turn up and by the time the party was over i had nothing. I would be freshly born with nothing in my pockets and…

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